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The latest update from the Governor of Bali stated that zone within 10 kilometers from the crater of Mt Agung remains as hazard zone. All activities are strictly prohibited within this zone. Zone outside this hazard zone is declared safe including for tourism activities in the Island of God.

Despite Amadea Resort & Villas is located in Seminyak in the Southwest coast of Bali which is approximately 70 kilometers away from Mt. Agung and where activities run normally, there are some questions raised by potential tourist who are currently planning their holiday in Bali in the coming months on what will the hotel do for their hotel guests who cannot depart from Bali in the event of airport closure due to Mt. Agung eruption.

With this letter, on behalf of Amadea Resort & Villas I would like to announce that Amadea Resort & Villa will provide complimentary accommodation for up to 3 (three) nights including buffet breakfast for our in house guest who is scheduled to depart from Bali on the day that the airport is closed due to Mt Agung eruption.

This Free Accommodation Guarantee is granted with following Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid for in house guest with scheduled departure flight from Bali on the same day Bali airport is closed due to Mt Agung eruption including delayed, rescheduled or cancelled flight due to this closure for maximum 3 nights.
  • Special discounted rates will be offered for the extension stay after 3rd night of free accommodation
  • Valid copy of return flight ticket from Bali is required
  • The best effort will be taken to accommodate guests in the same room type as they previously booked, however in case that same room is not available guest will be accommodated in the available room on “run of house” basis
  • This guarantee take effect as of January 3, 2018 for all bookings made from any booking channels until such time when the status of Mt Agung’s volcanic activity is lowered to Level 3 by the respective authority


Bali remains as top tourist destination in the world and we look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful island with its beautiful people and culture.


Bali, December 18, 2017


Yours sincerely,


I Wayan Warta

General Manager


Amadea Resort & Villas

Jl Kayu Aya 55 Seminyak – Bali



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