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Warm greetings from Bali the island of the Gods!

What a pleasure it is to present the latest edition of our online newsletter. Read on to find out what is happening at Amadea Resort & Villas this December in the colourful lifestyle district of Seminyak – Bali.

The festive season is almost upon us and the island is about to get busy. Although Bali is a Hindu enclave, the tourism industry ensures that all major international holidays are celebrated. This year visitors can expect to see some unique Christmas trees and tropically inspired decorations. As always, Amadea’s engineering team has also planned yet another stunning creation to wow in-house guests.

There is information about the important dates on Bali’s cultural calendar Tumpek Wayang. This special occasion pays tribute to the shadow puppets that have both religious and social significance here on the island. We also sharing things to do during rainy days in Bali. Charity program through Amada Cares helped cleft surgery for little Komang Diah Puspita.

Happy reading and see you soon in Bali.                                                        

The Amadea Resort & Villas Team                                             


Things to Do During Rainy Days in Bali


The wet season is now upon us and the annual rains are essential for keeping the island looking green. Bali’s rainfall is tropical, which means that humidity levels are high and the temperature still remains warm. Rain on the island rarely hinders guest activities in areas of tourism and surfing, swimming and shopping can still take place even during a downfall.

The Balinese readily welcome the rain and all that it entails. Farmers enjoy a well-deserved break from working the rice fields and sit back to watch their crops grow. It is a time for the menfolk to gather at their local community hall to play cards over cups of coffee. They also practice their musical abilities on traditional instruments ready for the next ceremonial performance. In homes around the island, the skill of making offerings is passed down from mother to daughter to ensure that religious obligations are fulfilled.  

Young children love to run barefoot in the rain and splash each other by jumping in puddles. Old-fashioned games of tag, hopscotch, marbles and more are still played in rural areas where afternoons are generally spent outside. The wet season in Bali also enables family members to reconnect at home and tell stories based on Hindu mythology. Spirits are always high on the island even when it is raining outdoors



Amadea Cares Sponsors Cleft Operation for Little Komang Diah Puspita


One of the many initiatives carried out by Amadea Cares is to raise funds for life-enhancing  surgeries for those less fortunate from Bali and its neighbouring island. This is a collaborative effort with Yayasan Senyum (Bali Smile Foundation), a non-profit charity that brings essential healthcare to people with severe craniofacial disabilities.  

1st November Amadea Cares funded an operation for a 4 month old baby girl from Karangasem Regency by the name of Komang Diah Puspita, was a successful cleft operation at local hospital and glad to see her beautiful smile as well as the smile of her little family. This surgery to help her lead a more normal life. It was once again made possible due to the generosity of in-house guests choosing to donate to this worthy cause.

Amadea Cares was officially launched on Valentine’s Day 2012 with the aim to give back to the local community, especially those who do not directly benefit from Bali’s lucrative tourism industry. To date, it has successfully funded 16 operations for 15 patients and given hope to families who have been unable to afford costly medical treatment. As a heartfelt Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Amadea Care is committed to putting smiles back on the faces of people in need.


Bali's Cultural Calendar


An auspicious day coming up on Bali’s cultural calendar is Tumpek Wayang that falls on 31st December 2016. This special occasion pays tribute to the shadow puppets that have both religious and social significance here on the island. A small purification ceremony is performed to bless each puppet, believed to have its own distinct character and possess magical powers that can bring an ordinary performance to life. The puppeteer will also pray during this ritual seeking artistic guidance for future shows.

Puppets, known as ‘wayang kulit’ in Bali, are used to conduct a unique form of theatre employing a transparent screen to project light and shadow. Performances re-enact adaptations of classic Hindu tales or cover local events filled with elements of humour and messages of morality. Puppet shows performed at night are purely for entertainment purposes and during the day they are held in conjunction with more important religious ceremonies. Oka Kartini in Ubud hosts weekly shadow puppet performances for the benefit of travellers. Visit our Guest Service Assistant for further information.




Unique Christmas Tree at Amadea Resort & Villas


Given the overwhelming success of last year’s unique Christmas tree, this year’s tree is an elegant work of art that has been designed from more than 1,500 plastic bottles and lit from inside.

It will take the Housekeeping team more than two weeks to collect discarded plastic bottles thrown away as part of the daily rubbish generated by the hotel. Each bottle will be carefully washed and dried in preparation for the final assembly process. The Engineering team have set schedule to work for several hours every day to construct the tree with the help of some staff from other department. In-house guests will be invited to participate. Certainly we hope the end result will be a stunning piece of craftsmanship that pays tribute to local Balinese creativity.

“This Christmas tree not only celebrates the spirit of the season but also serves as a reminder that Amadea is committed to eco-friendly practices. We want to echo the message thru all our team member and our guests. We are glad that our guests share our beliefs about taking measures to preserve the environment,” comments project leader, Mr. Komang Arianta - Engineering Supervisor.



What the Guests Said

1. Mr. A (Singapore) : Very polite and courtesy. can even greet us from very far, he can   
    remember our name clearly & offering to show us around if we interested.

2. Ms. B (Australia) : Excellent standard maintained, only your staff is even better,
   I will always recommend this place for its fantastic service.

3. Mr. C (France) : Very good service, clean, and love towel decoration with   
    notes. Excellent!

4. Mr. D (Indonesia) : Overall is great, keep up the excellent work, the hotel staffs are
    polite &   helpful, a great   asset to your crew.

5. Ms. E (New Zealand) : the service and friendly staff made my visit to Bali staying in
    your hotel very memorable and i will remember this a long time. This visit was to attend
    our daughter wedding and you helped make us very happy.


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