Spa Etiquette

Ambiente Spa at Amadea Resort & Villas, Seminyak - Bali

Amadea Resort & Villas SPA INFORMATION

Who may use the spa?
Both males and females over the age of fifteen years may use the spa.

When should I arrive at the spa?
Please arrive fifteen minutes ahead of your appointment. This will give you sufficient time to register and enjoy an herbal tea prior to treatment.

Could I ask for a male or female therapist?
Definitely, we have both fully qualified male and female therapists.

What should I wear during my spa treatment?
Our primary concern is your total relaxation, so feel free to wear whatever is comfortable.

Robes, towels and disposable under garments are provided, plus our therapists are trained to drape towels or sheet to ensure your comfort and privacy at all time.

Could I wear make-up or jewelry?
It is best not to. Certain spa procedures require make-up is removed before treatment and jewelry should be secured in your room safe. We do not provide safe box in the spa treatment room.

What should I do if I require more or less pressure during the treatment?

Just tell the therapist. After all our goal is to provide you with a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable spa experience.

May I talk during the treatment?
It is entirely up to you, if you have any question or would like to talk, please do so if you are quite, then the therapist will be also.

What if I have a particular injury or allergy, should I advise the therapist?
Absolutely, it is important the therapist is aware of such in order to provide you with the most enjoyable treatment and avoid techniques or use of product that might not be suitable for you.

What if I am running late?
Arriving late will unfortunately limit the time for your treatment, which may reduce its effectiveness and lessen the pleasure. Please plan to be on time as treatments must be completed on schedule.

Guests are advised not to go out into the sun after a massage, unless massage oil has been washed off.

Despite most essential oils being considered safe to use during pregnancy, some particularly the spicy oils from Indonesia are not. New safety data is continually being monitored, however it is recommended that all essential oils be avoided during pregnancy, although oils may be classified as safe, there is still the possibility that some may cause nausea or dizziness.


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