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Amadea Wins Gold Medal in Tri Hita Karana Awards

20 December 2014

Amadea takes great pleasure to announce that it triumphed in the Tri Hita Karana Awards 2014 with a Gold Medal for its efforts to sustain a hospitality environment that is conducive to the Hindu religion. Tri Hita Karana is a Balinese lifestyle philosophy based on the belief that spiritual and physical wellness is achieved through a balanced existence. The awards are an annual initiative to recognize local tourism related organizations that implement the religious and social values of Tri Hita Karana.

The medal was presented in an official awards ceremony hosted at the Ksirarnawa Hall, Art Centre Denpasar, on 29th November 2014. Chief Engineer and leader of Amadea’s Social & Environment Committee, Mr. I Made Dody Hermanta, collected the medal on behalf of the property. He later commented, “It is indeed a great honour to receive another gold medal for the second consecutive year. This award will motivate us to strive for nothing less than perfection in our ongoing quest to preserve Bali’s unique cultural traditions.”

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