The Charm of Tenganan Balinese Traditional Villageversary

17 November 2021



Bali is an island of great diversity and there is much more out there to be experienced than just the shops, spas and restaurants of the conventional tourism districts. For a culturally inspiring day out, visit the village of Tenganan on Bali’s eastern shoulder not far from the seaside town of Candi Dasa. This traditional village is often referred to as a living museum and is a closed community that is home to Bali’s original inhabitants. 

Members of this archaic cult society adhere to their own territorial rules and religious beliefs. Outsiders are welcome during daylight hours to see how these people retain their ancient ways. The music, dance and arts of Tenganan are both rich and symbolic. The women of this village produce a unique textile called ‘geringsing’, which is woven using a difficult double ikat technique. Other interesting highlights include a traditional style of architecture that pre-dates Bali’s Hindu culture. Visit our Front Desk to arrange a Tenganan Village tour at the best available price and enjoy a fascinating day filled with great photo opportunities.


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