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Warm greetings from Bali the island of the Gods!


Welcome to this edition of our monthly newsletter. We are back with all the latest happenings, events and special promotions direct from Amadea Resort & Villas in the vibrant lifestyle district of Seminyak.

The month of October is expected to bring lots of excitement to the island with a number of international events scheduled to take place including the Ubud Readers & Writers Festival. This annual literary event has truly put Bali on the map and is always attended by notable authors and book lovers from around the world. Check out the schedule online.

In this edition we share details about our Stay More & Pay Less promo that offers generous discounts as well as many great benefits. The amazing towel art by our creative team of Room Attendants is continuing to make our guests smile every day during their stay. Lastly there’s news about our temple ceremony that coincides with the next full moon. We also share a little bit about the Hindu religion that makes Bali such a unique destination to visit.

Happy reading and see you soon in Bali.                                                        

The Amadea Resort & Villas Team                                             


Traditional Balinese Textiles


Like most parts of the Indonesian archipelago, Bali has several traditional textiles that are exclusive to the island. Endek is the most widely produced cloth that uses a single ikat technique whereby the pattern is made by resist-dying the threads of the warp or weft. Another more elaborate textile is songket, which is embellished with gold threads as a symbol of privilege. These cloths are worn for auspicious occasions and passage of rite ceremonies such tooth filings and weddings.



The village of Sidemen located at the foothills of the sacred Mount Agung is famous for its handcrafted textiles. There are several workshops in the area and some women still weave at home using old-fashioned contraptions. Authentic endek and songket textiles are not cheap and local buyers appreciate the amount of work that has gone into creating each piece. Anyone interested in visiting Sidemen to learn more about this artistic heritage can contact our Guest Service Assistant at the Lobby to make the necessary arrangements. A private tour is a great opportunity to explore rural Bali and perhaps bring home a special treasure or two.



Special Promotion: Stay More & Pay Less


Recent studies indicate that people are opting to take more holidays every year with shorter durations. This totally makes sense for anyone with a busy lifestyle or a job that is not very flexible. However, there are still many out there who really enjoy the relaxation benefits of extended time away for more than a month or so. With this in mind, Amadea has created an exclusive offer that is just too good to miss.

Our Stay More & Pay Less promo represents great value for money. Guests choosing to stay more than 7 nights are entitled to an array of special privileges to enrich their time with us. The benefits include a generous 20% discount on regular rates, return airport transfers, daily breakfast and a complimentary 15 minute massage at Ambiente Spa per person. There's also unlimited WiFi, a late check out until 3pm and children under the age of 6 years get to stay for free.

This offer is valid for stays up until 31st March 2016 with all benefits available for 2 persons per room. The price is subject to a 21% government tax and service fee. Only a limited number of rooms are allocated for the promotion and those interested are encouraged to book online soon using the special code: LONGSTAY.


Creative Towel Art


Amadea is a small but service-orientated hotel that always does its very best to stand out from the rest. Therefore, the members of the Housekeeping team have a unique way of brightening up every single day for in-house guests. After each room has been cleaned, our attendants will leave a little memento on the bed in the form of towel art. They have taken the skill of folding towels to the next level by creating a wide range of animals, flowers and even a cake for those extra special occasions. There’s even a loving pair of swans to greet honeymooners or couples celebrating their anniversary.

Guests are often amazed at what they find each day. From a dog wearing reading glasses to a cat or rabbit cuddled up on the pillow, there is no limit to the creativity. Often the Room Attendants get special requests and they have even managed to successfully make a man playing a drum as well as an angry bird. Daily towel art has become a highlight for everyone staying at Amadea and there is always an element of surprise when guests return to see what fun creation is decorating their bed.



Amadea's Temple Anniversary


Amadea Resort & Villas celebrates the anniversary of its temple every year with an elaborate purification ceremony to reinforce the connection between the physical and unseen worlds. It will take place on 28th September 2015, which is an auspicious date on the Balinese religious calendar that coincides with the full moon. The ceremony will involve colourful offerings and a ritual blessing by a local high caste priest. In-house guests are welcome to observe the proceedings and join the Amadea team as they pray for peace and prosperity.

The essence of Balinese Hinduism is all about maintaining a harmonious existence. This concept is supported by a lifestyle philosophy known as Tri Hita Karana that embodies the balance between man, his environment and God Almighty. Religion greatly influences the everyday lives of most Balinese. Here, ancestors are defied, as are the fundamental forces of nature. Beneath the surface of modernization, it is Bali’s rich culture and timeless traditions that make the island such a unique destination.     



What the Guests said

1. Mr. A (Singapore) : Very polite and courtesy. can even greet us from very far, he can   
    remember our name clearly & offering to show us around if we interested.

2. Ms. B (Australia) : Excellent standard maintained, only your staff is even better,
   I will always recommend this place for its fantastic service.

3. Mr. C (France) : Very good service, clean, and love towel decoration with   
    notes. Excellent!

4. Mr. D (Indonesia) : Overall is great, keep up the excellent work, the hotel staffs are
    polite &   helpful, a great   asset to your crew.

5. Ms. E (New Zealand) : the service and friendly staff made my visit to Bali staying in
    your hotel very memorable and i will remember this a long time. This visit was to attend
    our daughter wedding and you helped make us very happy.


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