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Warm greetings from Bali the island of the Gods!

It is always a pleasure to present our online newsletter and keep you updated with all the latest happenings at Amadea Resort & Villa. From the lifestyle district of Seminyak, we share details about the special promotions and events that will hopefully bring you back to the island of Bali in the near future. 
Summer has finally arrived and Bali is gearing up for another busy season catering to holidaymakers from around the globe. 

Bali is an island of diversity with so much for everyone to see and do. The Kuta to Seminyak stretch of beach is still the best spot to enjoy Bali’s famed surf culture and watch the sunset. And Ubud, with its rich artistry and cultural heritage, offers a range of inspiring experiences.

This issue coincides with our 6th anniversary Amadea Resort & Villas brings two great holiday pastimes together with an exclusive offer to enjoy the contrast between the vibrant life of Seminyak’s “eat street’ and the calming hideaway resort with its white sandy beach, world famous underwater world close to West Bali National Park in the new luxury beach camp tent Menjangan Dynasty Resort. 

Read on to get more knowledge about Balinese dance and cultural calendar. We also share about our charity and social program Amadea Cares and cleaning blitz at Petitenget Temple also the annual Bali Arts Festival is happening in June. Don’t miss the cultural article about a special day dedicated to animal.

Happy reading and see you soon in Bali.                                                        

The Amadea Resort & Villas Team                                             


Balinese Traditional Dance


The lifestyles of Balinese people is expressed in their dance. Not only do we learn about the Balinese religion from their dance creations but also we can come to understand the flow of cultural events and activities that belong to everyday life. We can discover Balinese attitudes, how they look at nature, and how they regard their fauna and flora.

Balinese dance goes as far back as Balinese written history with much of the heritage originating from Java. Ironically, as a result of the Islamisation of Java, the Javanese culture has disappeared but has still survived in Bali and has become part of classical Balinese culture.

The very essence of the Balinese culture is dance and drama, which is performed during temple festivals and in ceremonies. The dances performed in hotels is a small fraction of what Balinese dance has to offer.

Several venues in Bali tourist area offer great opportunity for tourist to watch this beautiful culture heritage. Check with the hotel concierge to help you for schedules. Click this link to watch the famous Legong Dance in Ubud Palace.



Experience Bali Like Never Before



Amadea Resort & Villas brings two great holiday pastimes together with an exclusive offer to enjoy the contrast between the vibrant life of Seminyak’s “eat street’ with its many famous restaurants, bars and boutiques and the calming hideaway resort of your dream  with its white sandy beach, world famous underwater world close to West Bali National Park in the new luxury beach camp tent.  Price start from USD 739++ for 6 days 5 nights package. 

Included in this package is a 3 nights stay at Amadea Resort & Villas in Seminyak and a 2 nights stay at the new  luxury Beach Tent at the Menjangan Dynasty Resort in the Northwest of Bali. Guest will also enjoy  daily breakfast at both resorts, daily afternoon tea at Menjangan Dynasty Resort, one time complimentary three courses dinner at Amadea Resort & Villas, complimentary a bottle of wine on arrival at Menjangan Dynasty Resort, complimentary 15 minutes massage at both resorts. For guest’s convenience return airport transfers and return inter transfers between two resorts is also included. 

Please contact our reservation team at to book and create itinerary to suite your needs. 



Bali Art Festival


One of the most anticipated cultural events on the local calendar is the annual Bali Arts Festival and this year it will take place from 10th June through until 08th July 2017. This inspiring month-long festival will feature daily performances and exhibitions in the extensive grounds of the Art Centre located on Jl. Nusa Indah in Denpasar. It is a platform to showcase some of Bali’s finest examples of traditional dance, music, drama, handicrafts and cuisine. There will also be a schedule of shows by delegations from other Indonesian islands and as well as from abroad. The festival presents an opportunity for visitors to experience the best of Bali in one setting. For further information, please contact our Guest Service Assistant in the lobby.



Bali's Cultural Calendar - Tribute to Animals


Important day coming up on Bali's religious calendar is Tumpek Kandang on 24th June 2017. The occasion is dedicated to animals, particularly pigs, cows and livestock that are an essential source of income. Balinese farmers will carefully wash their most prized animals and conduct a small ceremony that entails a ritual blessing and specially prepared foods. This is performed with belief that prayers and offerings will result in good health and productive breeding habits.  



Cleaning Blitz at Petitenget Temple


At Amadea we believe that good business is a result of doing something good to the community. On May 13, small team of Amadea staff members led by our Human Resources Coordinator conducted cleaning blitz at Pura Petitenget. This temple is one of prominent temple in Bali located on Petitenget Beach just 1 kilometer away from Amadea.

After the cleaning blitz we also donated some Balinese umbrellas, cleaning tools and waste bins to keep the temple clean and beautiful.                                   



Amadea Cares Sponsors Cleft Operation for Little Gede Suyasa


One of the many initiatives carried out by Amadea Cares is to raise funds for life-enhancing surgeries for those less fortunate from Bali and its neighbouring island. This is a collaborative effort with Yayasan Senyum (Bali Smile Foundation), a non-profit charity that brings essential healthcare to people with severe craniofacial disabilities.  


On 23rd May Amadea Cares funded an operation for Gede Suyasa, a 4 month old baby boy from Jembrana Regency, west part of Bali, at local hospital. We were glad to see his smile as well as the smile of her little family. This surgery is to help him lead a more normal life. It was once again made possible due to the generosity of in-house guests choosing to donate to this worthy cause.

Amadea Cares was officially launched on Valentine’s Day 2012 with the aim to give back to the local community, especially those who do not directly benefit from Bali’s lucrative tourism industry. To date, it has successfully funded 19 operations for 16 patients and given hope to families who have been unable to afford costly medical treatment. As a heartfelt Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Amadea Care is committed to putting smiles back on the faces of people in need.

For more information about Amadea Cares activity please visit



Guest Activity of the Month: Bali Safari and Marine Park


Enjoy the best safari experience in Bali at the home of hundreds of amazing animals representing over 60 species, including some rare and endangered species such as the Komodo, Orang Utan, and the Bali Mynah.

At Bali Safari & Marine Park, you can choose to enjoy your safari journey with Safari Tram or from the elephant back with Elephant Back Safari.  Interact with your favorite animal up close at the Animal Encounter space, experience the wildest fine dining moment surrounded by lions, meerkats, and porcupines at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant and unwind with the spectacular shows of Bali Agung or Kecak Masterpiece at its state of art theater in the park, Bali Theater, or make your own big splash at the Water Park and Fun Zone.

Contact our Guest Service Assistant in the lobby for the best available deals with Bali Safari and Marine Park as well as many more leisure pursuits that will keep the entire family occupied during your stay. 



What the Guests Said

1. Mr. A (Singapore) : Very polite and courtesy. can even greet us from very far, he can   
    remember our name clearly & offering to show us around if we interested.

2. Ms. B (Australia) : Excellent standard maintained, only your staff is even better,
   I will always recommend this place for its fantastic service.

3. Mr. C (France) : Very good service, clean, and love towel decoration with   
    notes. Excellent!

4. Mr. D (Indonesia) : Overall is great, keep up the excellent work, the hotel staffs are
    polite &   helpful, a great   asset to your crew.

5. Ms. E (New Zealand) : the service and friendly staff made my visit to Bali staying in
    your hotel very memorable and i will remember this a long time. This visit was to attend
    our daughter wedding and you helped make us very happy.


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