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Warm greetings from Bali the island of the Gods!

Welcome to this edition of our monthly newsletter. We are back with all the latest happenings, events and special promotions direct from Amadea Resort & Villas in the vibrant lifestyle district of Seminyak.

The month of October is expected to bring lots of excitement to the island with a number of international events scheduled to take place including the Ubud Readers & Writers Festival. This annual literary event has truly put Bali on the map and is always attended by notable authors and book lovers from around the world.

In this edition we share details about Keeping Bali’s Beach Clean. Bali Villa Getaway is still available for stay 3 nights in the vibrant heart of Seminyak as well as many great benefits. We recommend to Explore Bali By Bike to get close to nature. Lastly there’s news about our temple ceremony that coincides with the full moon next month.

Happy reading and see you soon in Bali.                                                        

The Amadea Resort & Villas Team                                             


Keeping Bali's Beach Clean from Plastic Trash


On September 16, 2017 a team of Amadea employees proudly joined forces with other hotels in the immediate area to participate in the International Coastal Cleanup 2017. This initiative was organized by Bali Hotels Association whereby volunteers worked hard to clear plastic debris from several beaches and rivers. More than a thousand kilograms of plastic rubbish was collected in an effort to help protect Bali’s coastal strip and waterways. 

Amadea has always been committed to eco-friendly practices in every aspect of its operation. For the past two consecutive years the resort has received ‘accessed’ status from This certification, based on a science-based approach, has helped Amadea increase efficiency, maximise guest experience and minimise its environmental and social footprint. It is never too late to start making changes to preserve the planet for future generations. 


Bali Villa Getaway



A villa is the perfect accommodation option for families with children or groups of friends travelling together to the island of Bali. Apart from extra space and heightened privacy, a villa has all the comforts and conveniences of a modern home. With this in mind, Amadea has created an exciting three night Bali Villa Getaway Package complete with an array of special privileges. Guests will be entitled return airport transfers, a 15 minute welcome massage, unlimited WiFi and daily buffet breakfast based on villa occupancy. There is also a free laundry of up to six pieces per person every day and a 20% discount voucher to use at Bistro Batu Kali. The highlight of this package is a full day charter to explore the island at a leisurely pace.

The Bali Villa Getaway Package is priced at just USD 1170 net to stay in a Two Bedroom Pool Villa or USD 1981 net for a stylishly-appointed Four Bedroom Pool Villa for three nights stay. Additional services can also be arranged on request at additional cost such as VIP airport assistance with express clearance through customs on arrival. A BBQ dinner cooked by a private chef is another incentive of staying in a villa and can be organised with prior notice at a reasonable fee.

Click here for more information.


Internet Corner


We come to an era where we can connect with anyone at anytime anywhere thanks to the invention of internet. Besides providing complimentary access to the internet with wi-fi facility throughout the resort guest rooms and public facilities, you can also enjoy convenience internet browsing just in case you don’t have your mobile gadget in hand. There are two big PC available at the Lobby Lounge for easy use to explore the virtual world, connect with your family and friends, checking the latest news, book flight ticket or on line check in for your departing flight. It is available around the clock, free of charge.


Tumpek Wariga – Balinese Wisdom to Honor God's Blessing for Foods


Bali's cultural calendar is a continuous cycle of ceremonies and rituals conducted to maintain balance between the realms of the physical, spiritual and unseen worlds. Tumpek Wariga is just one of many auspicious days celebrated on the island and it will fall on 7th October 2017 to honour local trees, especially the humble coconut palm. This versatile palm, alongside rice and bamboo, is considered one of the main pillars to sustain Balinese society. Every single part of the coconut palm has a use including the leaves, nuts, trunk and roots. On this day, local landowners will wrap their coconut palms in lengths of cloth and perform a small ritual by praying for healthy growth and an abundance of fruit.


Amadea's Temple Anniversary


Amadea Resort & Villas celebrates the anniversary of its temple every year with an elaborate purification ceremony to reinforce the connection between the physical and unseen worlds. It will take place on 5th October 2017, which is an auspicious date on the Balinese religious calendar that coincides with the full moon. The ceremony will involve colourful offerings and a ritual blessing by a local high caste priest. In-house guests are welcome to observe the proceedings and join the Amadea team as they pray for peace and prosperity.

The essence of Balinese Hinduism is all about maintaining a harmonious existence. This concept is supported by a lifestyle philosophy known as Tri Hita Karana that embodies the balance between man, his environment and God Almighty. Religion greatly influences the everyday lives of most Balinese. Here, ancestors are defied, as are the fundamental forces of nature. Beneath the surface of modernization, it is Bali’s rich culture and timeless traditions that make the island such a unique destination.  


What the Guests Said

1. Mr. A (Singapore) : Very polite and courtesy. can even greet us from very far, he can   
    remember our name clearly & offering to show us around if we interested.

2. Ms. B (Australia) : Excellent standard maintained, only your staff is even better,
   I will always recommend this place for its fantastic service.

3. Mr. C (France) : Very good service, clean, and love towel decoration with   
    notes. Excellent!

4. Mr. D (Indonesia) : Overall is great, keep up the excellent work, the hotel staffs are
    polite &   helpful, a great   asset to your crew.

5. Ms. E (New Zealand) : the service and friendly staff made my visit to Bali staying in
    your hotel very memorable and i will remember this a long time. This visit was to attend
    our daughter wedding and you helped make us very happy.


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