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Warm greetings from Bali the island of the Gods!

It is always a pleasure to present our online newsletter and keep you updated with all the latest happenings at Amadea Resort & Villa. From the lifestyle district of Seminyak, we share details about the special promotions and events that will hopefully bring you back to the island of Bali in the near future. 

In this edition, we are delighted to inform you about our promotion “Buy Now Stay Later”, Happy Hours at our Asparagus Resto and Bar. This week our Balinese fellows are celebrating  Galungan and Kuningan festival which happens every 6 months. Read on to get insight about this unique celebration.

Lastly, we hope every one of you is in perfect health and well. Stay safe and see you in Bali when it is safe to travel again.

Happy reading!


The Amadea Resort & Villas Team    



Happy Hours at Asparagus

This month Asparagus celebrates three months of operation with special promotion. Come in for drink from 3 pm to 6 am and you will get special promo of ‘Buy 1 and Get 1 Free’ on any cocktails, beers and shakes and juices. Enjoy your late afternoon with friends in the setting of quiet eat street.

If you feel like to have dinner you may go ahead as you will get 25% discount on all meals item offered on the menu. 

Asparagus follows strict health protocols set by the government such as providing hand sanitizer, body temperature checking at the entrance and strict social distancing measures. All of our staff wears face mask, google glass and hand gloves. Each table is sanitized every time after being used.



Buy Now Stay Later


Planning your holiday in 2021 or even 2022? We have something for you.

Now you can buy our deep discounted voucher for you to use (or as a gift to someone else) later until December 25, 2022. It is a rare opportunity to save up to 60% from our normal pre-Covid19 price.

When it is safe to travel, we look forward to welcome you to enjoy the magic of Bali again. Listen to the sound of the nature, feel the gentle steps on the white sandy beach, the parfume from the offerings and insence stick, the vibration of the holy mantram of the priest.  The magic of Bali that makes you come again and again.

Amadea Resort & Villas, a peaceful oasis in the heart of Seminyak just a few steps away from all the action, provides all you need for another memorable Bali holiday. Revisit the beautiful moments you and your loved one has had in Bali!

Worry free! It is transferable, refundable, flexible cancellation policy, valid for 2 years, no cancellation fee on high or peak seasons.

Selling period ends on September 30, 2020, so grab it fast. You may contact our Reservation staff by email or click this link 



Bali's Cultural Calendar


Galungan and Kuningan Day – Victory of Dharma against Adharma

Bali’s religious calendar is based on a 210 day cycle that is enriched with auspicious dates and colourful rituals. Over the coming month the island’s Hindu community will celebrate Galungan on 16th September 2020, which marks the beginning of a 10 day ceremonial festival. Galungan is a time when the Balinese return home to their ancestral villages to pray in their family temples. It also involves elaborate offerings to appease the Gods as well as the unseen elements of the underworld.

Kuningan is the culmination of the 10 days long Galungan festival where a number of symbolic rites will be performed over those days. This is an opportunity for the Balinese to honour the spirits of defied ancestors and express gratitude for the gift of life, perhaps similar to those celebrated during Day of the Death in Mexico.



What the Guests Said

1. Mr. A (Singapore) : Very polite and courtesy. can even greet us from very far, he can   
    remember our name clearly & offering to show us around if we interested.

2. Ms. B (Australia) : Excellent standard maintained, only your staff is even better,
   I will always recommend this place for its fantastic service.

3. Mr. C (France) : Very good service, clean, and love towel decoration with   
    notes. Excellent!

4. Mr. D (Indonesia) : Overall is great, keep up the excellent work, the hotel staffs are
    polite &   helpful, a great   asset to your crew.

5. Ms. E (New Zealand) : the service and friendly staff made my visit to Bali staying in
    your hotel very memorable and i will remember this a long time. This visit was to attend
    our daughter wedding and you helped make us very happy.


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