Bali's Cultural Calendar Galungan and Kuningan Day – Victory of Dharma against Adharma

17 November 2021


Bali’s religious calendar is based on a 210 day cycle that is enriched with auspicious dates and colourful rituals. Over the coming month the island’s Hindu community will celebrate Galungan on 10th November 2021, which marks the beginning of a 10 day ceremonial festival. Galungan is a time when the Balinese return home to their ancestral villages to pray in their family temples. It also involves elaborate offerings to appease the Gods as well as the unseen elements of the underworld.

Kuningan is the culmination of the 10 days long Galungan festival where a number of symbolic rites will be performed over those days. This is an opportunity for the Balinese to honour the spirits of defied ancestors and express gratitude for the gift of life, perhaps similar to those celebrated during Day of the Death in Mexico.


The Charm of Tenganan Balinese Traditional Villageversary

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