Little Things That Matter

28 May 2021


Amadea is a small but service-orientated hotel that always does its very best to stand out from the rest. Therefore, the members of the Housekeeping team have a unique way of brightening up

every single day for in-house guests. After each room has been cleaned, our attendants will leave a little memento on the bed in the form of towel art. They have taken the skill of folding towels to the next level by creating a wide range of animals, flowers and even a cake for those extra special occasions. There’s even a loving pair of swans to greet honeymooners or couples celebrating their anniversary.

Guests are often amazed at what they find each day. From a dog wearing reading glasses to a cat or rabbit cuddled up on the pillow, there is no limit to the creativity. Often the Room Attendants get special requests and they have even managed to successfully make a man playing a drum as well as an angry bird. Daily towel art has become a highlight for everyone staying at Amadea and there is always an element of surprise when guests return to see what fun creation is decorating their bed.


Clean, Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE) protocols
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