Amadea's Temple Anniversary

04 October 2021

Amadea's Temple Anniversary



Temple anniversary or in Bali knows as “Odalan” is an important Hindu ritual conducted by the Balinese people to ensure spiritual harmony. In Bali there are over 4,500 temples where ceremonies take place almost every day of the year. Temple festivals are held on the anniversary of when the temple was consecrated and usually on a new or full moon.

Amadea Resort & Villas celebrates the anniversary of its temple every year with an elaborate purification ceremony to reinforce the connection between the physical and unseen worlds. This year it was on 21st September 2021, which is an auspicious date on the Balinese religious calendar that coincides with the full moon. The ceremony involved colorful offerings and a ritual blessing by a local high caste priest. In-house guests were also invited to come to observe the proceedings and join the Amadea team as they pray for peace and prosperity.

Komang Sumiarsa, the Chief Security at Amadea who is also the coordinator of the temple anniversary said, “This year Odalan is held in a modest mood amidst Covid-19 pandemic. As regulated by local government temple ceremony can be attended by maximum 25 people at once. We do hope that everything will get better soon and Balinese can live again in peace and harmony as we always had for many many years”.

The essence of Balinese Hinduism is all about maintaining a harmonious existence. This concept is supported by a lifestyle philosophy known as Tri Hita Karana that embodies the balance between man, his environment and God Almighty. Religion greatly influences the everyday lives of most Balinese. Here, ancestors are defied, as are the fundamental forces of nature. Beneath the surface of modernization, it is Bali’s rich culture and timeless traditions that make the island such a unique destination.  

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